History and Heritage

The predecessor of the Salamati Group’s vocational educational business, now known as the ‘International Academy of Fire and Safety (IAFS)’, was first established in 1996 by two prominent Omani families, the Macki and the Zubair families, as the ‘Fire Safety Engineering College (FSEC)’.


The visionary leadership of the owners established the FSEC to provide high-quality vocational emergency response training in the Sultanate of Oman and for the other Gulf states. The objective of the new business was to train the professionals who would become the corner stone of the region’s Fire and Safety industry.

The educational objectives of the FSEC were set to the highest accredited international standards. This meant for example that that our aviation fire fighter courses complied with recognised British and international aviation standards and regulations and that Industrial fire fighter courses were aligned with US NFPA standards and guidelines. This high quality benchmark has been built upon over the years to arrive where it is today. 


The International Academy of Fire and Safety today

Today, the International Academy of Fire and Safety (IAFS) operates within the SALAMATI Group alongside the International College of Engineering and Management (ICEM), Safety Protection Services and other Educational and Services business divisions. 

IAFS incorporates all of the passion put into the business  by its owners in 1996 but today we provide our students with a vastly expanded range of vocational training options and methodologies compared to those early days and is now recognised as a centre of excellence for emergency response training and education.


Our training provides internationally recognised certificates for professionals in many of the mission critical industries in the Middle East region including the Oil and Gas, Industrial, Civil Defence and Aviation Industries.

Our courses are set to match the changing societal requirements but our ambition remains the same – at IAFS we are passionate about delivering the vocational training that creates an excellent future for all!