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Our Marketing department will be able to discuss available course start dates with you and explain the admission requirements associated with each course and assist you with practical advice. Several of our initial training programs, such as the aviation certificate and the Industrial Fire Fighter Program, require that you carry out a placement test. The placement test aims to ensure that students are suited to the course and able to access the curriculum. Should additional language or knowledge be required, then IAFS may be able to offer bridging solutions in collaboration with ICEM’s Foundation studies division. For the more advanced courses, pre-requisite certificates or experience may be required. These requirements are usually listed in the course syllabus but our Marketing team will be pleased to provide additional information. Most of our courses stipulate that the student is medically fit and able to execute the often strenuous exercises that prepare or recertify the students for their life of as an active fire fighter. 

The International Academy of Fire and Safety
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